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About IDS - International Diamond Supply

International Diamond Supply (IDS) is a factory-based diamond manufacturer and supplier in Toronto, Canada. Our factories in Asia have full capabilities from rough diamond cultivation to diamond processing, cutting and polishing. IDS is leading the industry in terms of scale, quality, price, and delivery. Our diamonds have gained noticeable success across the world, including the United States, Europe, and China.

IDS always values our long-term relationship with clients. We believe that as a reliable and trustful supplier, our primary and foremost goal is to support our clients with their growth. Therefore, IDS will do our best to serve our clients with stable products, competitive prices, efficient customer services and smooth overall experiences.


Leading Lab-Grown Diamonds Manufacturer

Our factories in Asia are capable of cultivating, sorting and processing gemstones and diamonds with an annual production capacity of 30,000 carats of finished diamonds. We specialize in both Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology and High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) technology for growing single-crystal and polycrystalline synthetic diamonds. We are dedicated to research and production in various fields including jewelry diamonds, diamond tools, diamond electrodes, diamond LEDs, diamond heat spreaders, and diamond wafers. We have successfully produced gem-grade CVD colorless/near-colorless and colored large diamonds, HPHT diamonds with high thermal resistance and self-sharpening properties, as well as superabrasive diamonds for machining steel.

Certified by IGI - Risk-Free Purchase

All of our diamonds are certified with IGI (International Gemological Institute). If diamond certificates from other designated labs are required, such as GIA, we are very happy to help accommodate those requests as well.  Contact Us

Supportive, Reliable and Secure

Supportive, Reliable and Secure, IDS aims to support our clients with our best abilities.

Join Us and Grow Together with the Infinite Potential of Lab-Grown Diamonds.

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Weekly Updated
Real Inventory

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Competitive Price
with High-Quality

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Stable, Reliable and
Direct Supply

Our factories in Asia are now able to produce 3000 to 4000 lab-grown diamonds per month. All the inventories on our website are real diamonds in stock and will be updated weekly to help our clients with the latest information.

As a factory-based supplier, we have the capability to offer competitive prices in the lab-grown diamond market. Without the middlemen and platforms, we believe that our clients could take advantage of this and rapidly grow in the industry.

Thanks to our own factories, we could directly supply diamonds at stable and competitive prices. There are no more misleading Ad Prices, fluctuations or discrepancies in diamond prices. Even if the diamond you choose is sold, we could guarantee to match you with a similar diamond or produce the same diamond for you in the next batch (1-2 weeks).

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Efficient Local Customer Service

As we operate in Toronto, Canada, IDS could efficiently assist our Canadian clients with any questions, inquiries or after-sales services without the concerns of timezones. As our valued clients, you are promised a smooth and trustful experience.

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Prompt and Secure Shipments

For all in-stock orders, we start processing the same day or the next day (excluding weekends and holidays). For most of the orders within Canada, shipment will be done within 7 business days after receiving your order.

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